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Monday, July 9th 2012

11:38 AM

Elite preteen


Related article: Date: Tue, 07 Jan 2003 13:58:36 +0000 From: tim tim Subject: chapter 33 of Coach's AssistantChapter 33 of Coaches Assistant "Hmm ... sorry guys, but ..."Before he could go on, James turned his back to Alexei and looked at my father. "I told you I would be honest with you, sir.""Yes, I know ... but still, this is a bit of a surprise to me, to say the least. Can I talk with you, Alexei?"Alexei and my dad strolled out of the living room."Do you think he'll let Alexei stay, Nick?" James asked."Well, I think Alexei will be honest with him, too, and he's mature enough to decide ... so if I were you, I wouldn't worry about it. But I think that Alexei is getting a nice lecture from my dad, though."So Nick introduced him to Brian and Andy and we all started to learn a bit more about each other. We chatted for quite some time before Alexei came walking into the room."Can you show me my room, Nick, or is it the same as last time?""Yes, it's the same one, Alexei, but let me help you settle."I picked up his stuff and Francis did the same for James."Come on, James. Let me show you where you're preteen boystop100 going to sleep. You don't have to go yet, do you Brian?""No, we can stay for a while and then do grocery shopping on the way home, right Andy?""Yep, that's fine by me.""OK, then we'll be right down.""So, Alexei, what did my father have to tell you? You were together a long time.""Yeah ... well, he wanted to make sure that I wouldn't hurt James and we also talked about the schedule for next week.""Ahhh, good. James was afraid you'd be sent out to a hotel, I guess.""No, that isn't the way your father is, Nick, and you know that.""Yes, Alexei, I know ... but James didn't.""Sorry, Alexei, but I was really surprised that my mom told him that ... well, you know, the trust part. I never thought she'd do that. Then, when Nick's dad was so open with me, I could only be honest with him and you don't think that I can stay the whole weekend without kissing you some time in public, do you?""Hmmm, that's right. I'm not sure I could have done that either. So right here, Nick?""Yes, move on. We put an extra bed into the room so it's a bit small but I guess it will do for a few days.""Great!" James said with a bit too much enthusiasm in his voice.I laughed at him and he turned a bit red."Oh, don't listen to him, James. I'll bet there's an extra bed in his room as well and I don't mind staying here one bit."This time it was me that blushed."OK, you love birds, get in there so I can get off the stairs," Francis said. He'd been on the last step of the stairs, waiting for us to open the door to the guest room.We left Alexei and James to get settled and we knew that that meant getting settled in more ways than one.Just before Francis opened the door to the kitchen, I grabbed him to kiss him."Sorry, but I needed that.""Yeah ... smooth talker," he said."So before we go in ... why is Brian stuck to me like he is part of me?""What do you mean, Nick?""Well, he was beside me in the car this morning ... then, at the airport and now again with lunch ...""Oh, I naked preteen blonde think he only wanted to get to know you, I guess.""You guess?""Well ... we've been mailing each other a few times since we got together last time ... and he did ask me a lot of questions about you. I told him that, when we saw each other next time, he'd just have to ask you. So I guess he is taking my advise literally.""Oh, well, he's really nice. I can understand why you fell for him, Francis."Now he blushed. "Let's go and see if we can do something before they have to go."We met in the kitchen. Andy and Brian were still sitting there, but David and Kathy had left and there was no sign of my dad."So, Brian, do you know enough about me?"He chuckled a bit. "Was I that obvious?""Yes, you were, but I didn't mind. It was good to get to know you better, too.""What are you talking about?" Andy asked."Well, it seems that Nick noticed that I was trying to talk with him as often as I could today," Brian responded. "Francis didn't tell me very much ... only a few things about him ... and he said that I needed to find out the rest myself ... so that's what I did, I guess.""Ahhh, that's why I was being kept away from him today.""Sorry, And. I just wanted to find out what kind of guy Francis hooked up with."At that point, I blushed."And I can only say," he continued, "that he's a sweet, wonderful guy ... just right for you, Francis."Now I grew even rdder."I know," Francis said and, instead of sitting down on his own chair, he sat down on my lap and kissed me."Hmmm, Francis. I think you'd better wait. I don't think Alexei, James or even Nick's dad would like to walk in on you playing in the kitchen," Brian said.I stopped kissing and Francis left his face in kissing mode, as if he didn't realise I puled away. "Oh, and what about you two? You'd like to just watch it all, Brian?"That got Francis laughing and turned his mind to other subjects. "What would you say to us meeting up tomorrow so you can show us where you live ... if that offer still stands?""Yes, of course it does, Francis. I didn't say that for no reason this morning. Hmmm, I think, Brian, that that was Francis's way of telling us it would be a preteen trailers good idea to leave, don't you think? preteen tgp preview You know him better than I do.""Oh, I think we'd better go or I'm not sure I want to see what happens. In no time, they'll be going at it like bunnies.""Get out of here, Brian, and get that mind of yours out of the gutter!!! We do more than make out!!!""Oh yeah? Like what then?" Brian asked quickly.Francis was quiet and I thought he waiting just a little too long to give Brian an answer. I knew asian preteen erotica that Brian had been partly right for, beside our shared passion for gymnastics and our love for each other, we didn't seem to have much in common."Well, gym, for example," he answered at last, a bit hesitantly."Don't worry about that, guys," Andy said. "I'm sure that all guys your age do much the same as you do.""Oh, yeah, do you," I said, making sure that the emphasis in this sentence was on the last "you.""Time to go for real now, Brian. Let's get out of here."We laughed a lot while we walked them to the door."Thanks, Andy, for picking Alexei up this morning.""You're welcome, Nick. I really liked spending some time with you so we could get to know each other. I'll pick you up tomorrow, let's say around 1 p.m.?""Fine with me.""OK, see you guys tomorrow."We said goodbye to them and walked into the kitchen."You know, Nick, they were preteen tgp preview partly right. We don't seem to have a lot in common besides ... well, you know what.""Hmmm, we're just starting to know each other, Francis. I'm not going to fuss about that now. I'm sure that, when we get to know each other better, there'll be more things we like to do together and can share. And, so far, I've liked everything that I've discovered about you.""Oh, you think??? 3d preteen sluts But there's lots of things you haven't discovered so far, Nick. Although you were well on your way to discovering more the last time we were in the shower."Now, there was a remark perhaps better unsaid!!! Shit!!! How was I going to handle this? I had spoken with the shrink about it, but I hadn't had much time since last underage preteens raped Wednesday to think about it myself. I didn't want to talk about it with Francis until I knew what I wanted and how I thought I could get what I wanted."Well, you promised to get me less horny today and, so far, you haven't even come close ... so I'm not sure I'm 3d preteen sluts going to discover any more today.""Is that an invitation, Nick?""Didn't know you needed one!" And then he started to kiss me again. At first, long and passionate, then a bit more teasing. I wasn't pthc preteen samples sure how long we continued, but I'm sure we made out for quite some time. At one point, I think I heard the door open, but then all sound stopped as far as I was concerned, so I really have thight ass preteen no idea if someone came in or not.At one moment that we really needed to come up for air, I looked around and discovered that Alexei was standing at the fridge. I think he heard us gasp for breath, as he turned around and smiled. "Sorry to disturb sexy preteen hookers you guys, but I was thirsty and needed something to drink. I didn't have much to drink so far today.""Hmm, nice try, Alexei. Maybe you should have kissed a bit less," I said as I knew exactly when he was having a dry throat."You've pictures xxx preteen really perverted preteens pix turned into a chatty bitch, haven't you, Nick," he teased me. "Maybe we need to teach you a bit of a lesson, don't you think, Francis?""Yep, he seemed to have learned a lot lately, Alexei ... but, then again, I like that part of him.""But I just want to tell you that if you don't want your dad to find you here making out, I'd go upstairs, Nick, because I don't think he'll be away for long."In the meantime, he closed the fridge and made his way back to the door to go upstairs."So, when are we going to see you again, Alexei?"He turned around. "I think I want to rest a bit more and then maybe we can have something to drink and then get together for dinner tonight. I'm going to take the two of you and James out, if you don't mind?""OK, that's fine with us. That means we can go and rest a bit, too, Francis.""Don't tire yourselves out, guys!" Alexei said, laughing as he walked up the stairs. I knew preteen thong thumbnails exactly what he meant, but I think I wanted to tire myself out a bit this afternoon."So, shall we go up to my room, Francis?""I thought you'd never ask, Nick!"When we reached my room, we sat down on my bed for another kiss. I felt his arms travelling all over my body again but I knew that, this time, I wanted it to be my treat. It has been some time since I'd felt him all over, so I slowly pushed him back on the bed. I pulled my t-shirt off and I heard him gasp for air as sexy preteen hookers I did that."Problems, Francis?""No, Nick, not at all. It's just that you still amaze me when you get undressed. I don't think I can ever get enough of looking at you."I stood up and took my pants off. I kept my underwear on and tried to keep his hands away from them underage preteens raped as I sat down beside him."Let me!" I said.I slowly started to work my hands europe preteens under his shirt, rubbing his chest, feeling his nipples, feeling the warmth of his body against my hands. I slowly started to pull his shirt over his head. He helped me and then I just started to turn him over, onto his back. I started to massage his back slowly, making twirling moves over it. I felt him shiver a bit, especially when my hands went lower and lower and just touched his ass.I wanted this to be model preteen girls special so, instead of moving too fast, I just let my body lean against his. My naked chest touching his arm, I moved a bit higher and slowly I started to lick his neck, then slowly went down until I reached the top part of his butt. I pushed his trouser a bit lower with my tongue and found my way down even lower. Again, I felt him shiver. incest preteens 14yr Now, instead of lying on my side, I slid down a bit and positioned myself over his legs and ass. I gave him two soft spanks and then I lay on top of him, my head still just above his butt. I started to lick again and moved higher and higher, inch by inch, in the meantime making sure my body moved higher and higher as well. So, slowly, the naked flesh of my stomach made contact with his slender back. preteen thong thumbnails When I reached his neck, he turned his head a bit so that he was lying on one ear.I was now completely on top of him, pressing my hard dick into his ass and still licking, now his ear instead of his neck as I moved towards his cheeks, ending up at his lips. I drew my tongue slowly across his lips and then began to make my way back to his ear. When I got his earlobe in my mouth and started to suck on it, I heard him moan softly, just like he'd already done with me. I knew that was enough, so I slowly got up. He opened his eyes as I slowly started to massage his back and his neck again."Nice, Nick. Thanks, I needed that.""I could feel the tension in your muscles, Francis. We'd better talk about that later.""Yes, sir!" he said softly with a smile on his face.I knew that he didn't mean that so I wasn't going to worry about his response."Turn over," I said. The words came out very slowly and softly. Breathing hard, I could hardly say anything any more.He turned over and I reached for his pants. Instead of opening them up, I put my hand into his pocket. I felt a very hard dick inside. ads pantie preteen I slowly touched him. He moaned again. I knew I had him where I wanted him.I slowly started to open his trousers. He lifted his hips so I could get his pants down over them. I slipped them lower and saw that he was hard indeed but. I knew that he probably expected me to take off his pants first and then come back for the main prize, but I wanted to surprise him, so I didn't do that. I went directly for his dick. First I squeezed it a bit and then I took his balls in my hand. When I felt some precum on my hand, I knew I couldn't wait any longer. I ripped his underwear from his body. I froze for a moment when I heard them tear. I looked at Francis, who smiled at me. Without hesitation, I got back to business and looked at his dick. I slowly brought my mouth closer to it and I blew some warm air over the head. Francis pushed his cock forward in anticipation of what he thought I was going to do. But, instead of taking it in my mouth, I slowly went lower and I started to lick his balls.In the meantime, I started to push his trousers as well as his underwear lower. When I had done that, I moved one hand preteen mexican nudist higher and I reached the area under his balls. This time I slowly found my way lower until I found the crack of his ass.Again, I slowly started to rub his trench. I felt Francis push his body up, as if he wasn't sure how to react. I looked up. He had his eyes closed, but the expression on his face said enough. I knew I had teased him long enough and I returned to his dick. I gently took it in my mouth, slowly licking the head and then going down on the shaft, first slowly and only the first inch or so but I wanted more. I positioned myself better on the bed so I could get a better angle. Without really knowing what was happening, I suddenly felt my own underwear being torn from my body. Then slowly I started to feel his lips moving around my balls. Hmmm! I was able to see that he was lying right under me with complete access to my crotch and even my ass.I froze for a second and thought, no, I have to trust him. So I took his tool further and further in my mouth. He continued to push his hips forward and, although I'd stopped moving my finger in his ass crack, he was still going for it. Then, suddenly, he said, "Yeah, Nick. Please, give it to me. I want to feel your pictures xxx preteen finger inside."Instead of saying anything, I moved my finger back into position and this time I made sure I knew where the entrance was. I slowly started to play with his hole. My finger slid in a bit, not far, but far enough to allow me to move my finger around inside. As I did that, I felt his cock get harder asian and preteen in my mouth and he started to suck my cock harder and harder. I knew he was close and that gave me goose bumps.Oh!!! I loved him so much. I slowly slid my finger in a bit further. I felt him let my dick slip out of his mouth and, with a loud shout, he started to come. I kept my mouth on his dick anya model preteen for a moment but I knew I couldn't handle this any longer. I slowly let his cock slip out. I wanted to move away but Francis whispered, "No, please stay."I didn't move as I felt his mouth move back onto my dick. He returned to sucking my cock and played with my balls, harder and harder. It was even a little bit painful but I felt pretty good at the same time. Then I felt myself about to cum. preteen home movies I pushed my dick further into his mouth, the head touching the back of his throat. I started to cum. I don't know how long we stayed, positioned like that, but I knew that I couldn't support myself much longer. I tried to ease myself down beside Francis, but I didn't pthc preteen samples have the energy, so I came to rest lying down on him softly.We were quiet for quite some time. At last Francis whispered in my ears, "Thanks, Nick. That was great."I couldn't say anything in response. incest preteens 14yr I just smiled, which I was sure he saw. preteen boystop100 So, for the next hour, we just cuddled together, just enjoying being together. We both knew that the other wasn't sleeping but neither of us felt the need to say much.Then there was a knock at the door. I rapidly opened my eyes."Yes?""We're going downstairs, Nick, for a drink. Will we see you down there as well in a moment?""Yep, litle nude preteen give us ten minutes and we'll be down.""OK, see you in a few minutes."I could swear I heard them laughing as I told them to give us some time, but I wasn't sure that Francis had heard it as well."Does this mean, Nick, that I have to get up?""Only if you bbs preteen usenet want to. I'm sure they'd both understand if you were too tired to get up," I said in a most convincing way.But that got his attention and he opened his eyes. He looked at me. "I love you, Nick, more than you can possibly know." Instead of answering him, I kissed him.When I finished the kiss, I looked at him. "We need to talk, you know that, Francis. I could feel that you were tensed up, so something is bothering you and I think it's better if you talk about it.""I know ... but I was trying to avoid it. And I think we're expected to get down to the living room ... so I think we'll have to leave that until later.""Hmm ... lucky you!" I said."We'd better clean up. I feel sticky in more then one place," Francis said in such a serious tone that I couldn't help but giggle."Sticky but very, very happy," he added, and he kissed me."Come on! We'd better get downstairs."We quickly cleaned up and made our way down to the living room where we found Alexei, James and dad having a drink. No alcohol for Alexei but James had a beer and my dad was drinking a whiskey, I think.The next hour and the dinner that followed featured very pleasant conversations. I was able to get to know James a bit as he was sitting between Alexei and me. But somehow, I got the feeling that he galleries preteen incest was either afraid of me or not able to tell me something. I knew that Alexei was thinking the same thing, so maybe I needed to talk with him about that later.David and Kathy were at her parents' place, so it was really a guys night at home. I thought we'd go out but we didn't. I learned that James's dad was not alive any more and that he'd been living with his mom for five yeahrs now. She was hoping he'd get a scholarship so he could continue with his gymnastic work. My dad europe preteens asked a few questions about his level and where he competed and some other stuff."So, Alexei, are you going to be able to join us at the state championships?""I think I can, but I'm not sure yet. I've been trying to change the date of a photo shoot for one of the sponsors of the fundraising we're doing. If it all works out, we'll be able to do that after the state finals. Or at least, that's what I thought would happen. Now the shoot is planned to take place at our own training facilities, but I think it'd be good if it could be done during some exhibition performances at the state finals. That way, I'd be able to do it and see you compete, too.""Ah, that sounds great.""Are you going to be preteens models sandra joining him as well, James?" my father asked."Don't think so, sir. We didn't make the state finals and I'm sure my mom can't afford the trip up there.""Now, that's a shame," my dad said.I turned towards Francis. "Didn't Andy and Brian say that they'd try to be there?""Yes, I guess they did, Nick.""Well, maybe you could come up with them, James." I saw a smile appear on his face."Could you ask them, Nick? That would be really great," James answered."Sure! We'll ask them tomorrow and maybe Peter and Andrew can drive with them as well.""Peter and Andrew?" my dad asked.Ooops, I thought. Damned slip of the tongue. I knew that Andrew and Peter's parents knew about us, but I wasn't sure that they wanted one of their teachers knowing. Well, there was simply no way to backtrack now."Yes, two of our friends.""Gay friends, preteen sex anal Nick?""Yeah, gay friends.""Do I know them?"This was almost an interrogation, the way he was firing questions at me."Yeah, you know them. I think you teach them gym each Wednesday."He was silent while he was thinking. "Hmmm, I have to preteen trailers think about that. I'm not sure I know all of my students by name.""Well, they're boyfriends and their parents know just as you do.""OK, I just want to make sure I know who you hang out with, that's all, Nick.""I know, dad. So I'll ask Brian tomorrow.""Hmmm, now that we're talking about this kind of stuff, Nick, did you ask your dad about travelling with James and I this summer to Europe?""No, not yet, Alexei. I wasn't sure how serious your offer was.""Sir," Alexei turned towards my dad. "I'm planning to go with James to Europe to visit a few cities and I'm booked to do some exhibitions as well. But I think that James's mother won't let him go unless others are present, so I thought ... if it was model preteen girls OK with you ... that Nick, Francis and maybe, if he wants to join us, David might want to come along.""I can only say that I wouldn't mind if they wanted to go, but I'm not sure I can afford that, Alexei. I'm sure you spend a lot of money on hotel rooms and fancy meals and stuff and that's just too much for me financially at the moment."Shit, I thought. I knew this would be coming. Money was one of the reasons I hadn't brought the subject up. But I think that Alexei was more serious about this than I'd thought, otherwise he'd have discussed it first with us before asking my dad."Yeah, I thought it might be but, if I can find a way around that, would you agree with it?""What do you mean, Alexei, find a way around it?""Well, it will depend a bit on the outcome of the state championships, but maybe I can raise some money for us all from the summer athletics programme. They would cover living expenses, for one thing.""If you can find something like that, I think we can pay the travel costs. It would be a great way for them to spend the summer, and I'm not going to stand in the way of them seeing Europe. So, if you can find your way around the expenses, I'm OK with it.""OK. I'll keep you informed.""Have you any idea where you'd be going, Alexei?""No, I'm not sure yet. There are a lot of options, but it'll all depend on where my sponsors, for example, want me to perform. So I'll need to do at least two or three exhibitions and do some conditioning clinics, too. I think that would benefit my sponsors a lot.""Well, keep me informed and we'll see if this can work."I smiled at dad to let him know that I liked this idea a lot.For the rest of the evening the conversation drifted from topic to topic. I guess we were all anxious about the state championships. I knew that a lot would depend on me and, although none of them said so, I felt it for sure.So around 10 p.m. Alexei announced that he was server preteen photo going to go to bed. server preteen photo He was still a bit jet-lagged and wanted to do a run in the morning before going to see Andy.When we entered the bedroom, Francis looked at me and asked, "Why didn't you talk about the holiday idea to asian preteen erotica me?"Ooops, I'd pre teens lia forgotten completely."I'd no idea that Alexei would bring it up tonight, Francis, and I really wasn't sure he was serious about it. So I had no time to talk to you about it earlier today.""Ah, OK. Well, it sounds like fun, don't you think?""Yep, I'm sure it will be. But I think that, if Alexei wants, he can be very tough on the training aspect of the trip, too, so I'm sure it'll be fun and a lot of work as well.""Probably, yes.""You want to talk about it, Francis?""About what, Nick?""You know, the stuff that stressing you out.""Oh," he said, very quietly."If you don't want to, that's underage preteens raped fine ... but sometimes it helps to talk about it, just to make things clear. Hmmm, I'm starting to talk like my shrink."He laughed a bit and looked at me. "I'm not sure, Nick. One part of me just wants to talk to her again and another part wants nothing to do with her forever. Then, when I start thinking about what I want to tell her, I want to know why ... but on the other hand, I think, no, now it's my turn. You listen to me." He stopped and, I think, waited for some response but it seemed to me he Had a pretty clear idea of where he was going."I don't know, Francis, but it sounds to me that you have your options pretty clearly worked out. Now, maybe, you need to let time do its work and it'll become clear to you what the future holds.""Maybe ... but I think that, if she wants to talk with you again, Nick, you'd better not say anything to her. You tell her she should come and talk to me.""Are you sure, Francis?""Yes, I think at that point I won't have a choice and I'm not sure I want to think about this too much.""OK, good ... and I'm sure that Alexei is more than willing to listen to you if you want an objective opinion.""Hmmm ... but for now I think I only want to cuddle with you, Nick. Come here."We lay down on the bed, my head resting on his shoulder and our feet tangled together. After a silence of a few minutes, he whispered, "It's nice, Nick, just being able to lay down here with you, knowing that, if I need it, you'll be there to listen to me, to hug me, to hold me tight. I'm not sure what I enjoy server preteen photo more, the play we had this afternoon or the restful time now."I just laid silently asian preteen erotica beside him, knowing that whatever I said would be too much.The next morning, I think I woke up around 8 or so but, as it was still quiet in the house, I just lay on my bed, enjoying the morning rest. europe preteens My view of Francis was something that I could have enjoyed for ages, so I just watched his face and the way it was shaped.It was really strange ... or, at least, a bit odd how things were going lately. It was so nice to spend so much time with friends and to be secure around them. I felt so great after all the things that had happened recently. I though a bit more about the upcoming state championships. I felt a bit nervous when I thought about them. I really started to feel a bit pressured. I knew that, if I performed as I did free sweet preteens last time, we'd have a chance to win ... but if I was at my normal skill level, I was sure we'd come in last. Since the last meet, I'd not done any of my routines as well as I had then. I had become stronger and I knew that the routines I'd been doing up until then had become better ... but not as good as preteen home movies I'd done during the performance. So maybe Alexei could help me out on this during the next week.I preteen nonude forum stayed in bed longer and I think, somehow, I must have dozed off again as I started to feel someone licking my nipples as I woke up again. I slowly opened my eyes. Hmmm, I was wrong: nobody was licking my nipple, it was just Francis lying with his head on my chest and I think he just drooled a bit. Now that was a bummer, I thought, but I felt myself laughing at the same time. The movement of my chest must have awakened Francis as he slowly started to lift his head."Good litle nude preteen morning, sweetheart.""Morning, Francis.""So, how did you sleep, Nick?""Fine, Francis, thanks. And I like waking up with your head on my chest.""I hope I didn't wake you up but, when I woke up perverted preteens pix earlier, your chest was so inviting, I just laid my head on it.""Come here."When he did, I started to kiss him.We played in bed for some time until there was a knock on the door."Can I come in, guys?" It was Alexei."Yeah, come on in.""Hi, guys. Sorry if I disturbed you but I just wanted to talk a bit before we go to see Brian and Andy.""That's fine with us. Where's James?" I asked."He's showering at the moment.""So, what do you want to talk about?""Well, it's about James. That's why I wanted to talk about that now.""What's up with him, Alexei?" I asked again."Did you notice something different about him, Nick? I know you don't know him that well, but I think he's a bit insecure or whatever. It seems as if he's not feeling like himself completely.""Hmmm, I noticed that myself, too, Alexei.""Ahhh, good, so it wasn't just me being suspicious or sexy preteen hookers something. I'd started to wonder.""No, I also noticed it a few times. Do you think it has to do with the fact that my dad found out?""No, I don't think so but I have no clue what it is. At least now I know I'm not making any of this up. I think I'd better talk with him about it. I only wanted to make sure that I wasn't seeing things.""Well, there was certainly something, but I'm not sure you'll need to talk to him about it. Maybe you can just see if it stays like this or not.""No, I'm only seeing him till the end of the day, so I think I'd better chat with him about it.""Well, if we can help, let us know.""I will, thanks.""So, how are you two doing at the moment?"I looked at Francis and smiled to him."Great, I guess, Alexei. We're sexy preteen supermodels trying to deal with boards image preteen several things at the moment but I guess that's going OK.""Good. So, do you think you're ready for the state championships?""Yeah, I think I am," Francis said. "I'm looking forward to it. I know I've added some strength, so that's good and, if we can work on the technique this week like we did last time, then I'll be ready.""And you, Nick?""Yes, I guess so.""That doesn't sound too convincing, Nick. Are you pthc preteen samples getting nervous?"I looked at Francis first and then turned towards Alexei again."It's normal to get nervous, Nick. There's nothing wrong with that," Alexei added."That could be the case, Alexei, but I feel nervous and pressured with it all, and I'm a bit afraid I'll disappoint the others.""Hmmm, we need to do some relaxation training as well then. We don't want you all worked up before the meet.""That might be a good idea, Alexei. I think my dad would like you to do at least one or two sessions like you did with me last time, to learn to focus us on our performances.""Yeah, I know, he told me ... but the focussing and relaxation techniques are two different things. I know you could use the training, that's for sure, but the others might profit from it, too. What time did you agree to meet with Brian and Andy?""Around 1 p.m., so we need to leave in about an hour or so.""I'd better get ready, then, and see if James has finished his shower."Francis and I just enjoyed the morning together and then we had a large breakfast ... well, it was more a brunch than a breakfast, I guess.Alexei drove us in my dad's car to the place where Andy and Brian were living. >From what they'd told us, I knew it was on the edge of the city, but I didn't realise how far away they lived. From the appearance of the houses we were preteen nonude forum driving past, I started to guess what kind of neighbourhood they were in. I think the pre teens lia others came to the same conclusion, as it got a bit quieter in the car."Number 68, didn't you say, Nick?""Yeah, that should be the one, Alexei.""OK, then we're here. But I'm not sure where the house is."There was a large entrance gate and then just woods with a road going through it. I got out of the car and pushed the bell at the gate. A voice told us to come in and, although I thought it was Andy, I just wasn't sure. Then I noticed on the other side of the gate as it slowly opened that there was a camera positioned so that they could see who was there.We got even quieter as we rode into the woods that seemed to take for ever."You've gone silent, guys," Alexei noticed."Yeah, sorry, Alexei. gallery preteen pic You may be used to this kind of place, but we just aren't," Francis replied."Do you have something like this as well," James asked."Not this big, but I have a nice free sweet preteens place just outside of Moscow and a nice apartment for when I am here in this country.""Well, it seems like Andy is doing really well and he's still so young," I added.>From the way James was acting, I could tell that he seemed to preteens models sandra be a bit more relaxed. But Alexei was watching him with a somewhat worried gaze.After a few minutes there was light up ahead. We came to the end of the woods cp preteen and there was a very nice house ... almost a mansion ... ahead. I think it was very old but it looked really nice.So we stopped in front of the door and were greeted by Andy and Brian. The next hour, as you can imagine, we were given the grand tour. Somehow Francis and Alexei were grabbed by Brian and Andy took James and I to show us around. What we saw was incredible. A lot of rooms they told us they'd never use but there was a big fitness centre that both of them used a lot. When we came to the last part of the tour, just before we returned to the living room, they showed us the last two parts of the house. One was a big indoor swimming pool with a nice view on the garden. The doors were open so, instead of feeling like we were indoors, it seemed as if we were outdoors at the moment. It had a very nice jacuzzi in it. On the other side of the room was a large wooden shed ... or, at least, it looked like that so, when I asked what it was, Andy said, "Follow me and look for yourself."We followed him over and he opened the door."Is this what I think it is, Andy?""Yep, our private sauna. It's just the perfect way to relax after a nice workout in either the gym or the pool or on the tennis court.""Can believe that? My god, you have a beautiful house, Andy! It's a shame you don't spend that much time down here.""Well, I am now, so I'm trying to really enjoy it. I think you've seen it all now. I'm sure that Brian is showing the room with all the gymnastic stuff to Francis and Alexei. That must be the reason they're nowhere to be seen. We just finished that part, so that Brian could train right here. Although he isn't doing any competitions any more, he still loves to do his routines."I was still lingering around the sauna, looking inside at the stones and stuff."You've never been in a sauna before, Nick?""No, to be honest, Andy.""Would you like to try one?""What do you mean, here? Now?""Well, not now, Nick, but later this afternoon. It needs some time to heat up but I think it'd be nice to end the afternoon with a sauna and some swimming if you like."I looked at James. "Do you want to?""Sounds like a very nice idea but we didn't bring our trunks with us, so that might be a problem.""I'm sure that we can get past that problem, James, so don't worry about that. So, what do you think?""I'm game to try it out, Andy, if you don't mind.""Of course not. Let me turn it on and then we can return young preteen tpg litle nude preteen to the living room for some drinks."We walked into the living room and Andy got us some drinks.A few minutes later, Francis and Alexei walked into the room. Francis sat down beside me and Alexei perched himself on James's lap. James smiled as Alexei did that."So, a marvellous place, isn't it?" I asked to no one in particular."Yes, amazing, Nick. The gym is almost the same as the one at school, it's just incredible and then the swimming pool with the terrace ...""I think Brian is lucky to have such a nice boyfriend," I replied.Andy and Brian came walking back into the living room with the drinks."Andy told me that you would like to try preteen mexican nudist the sauna later, Nick.""You have a sauna, Brian?" Francis asked."Didn't you see it, Francis, just back cindy preteen serie of the swimming pool?""No, I missed it." He turned his face towards me. "You really have to try it out.""Yes, I've never done that, and I think I'd like to relax a bit before Alexei and dad torment us again this week.""Well, it's very relaxing, so that's a good idea," Francis said.We talked perverted preteens pix for a while about different things. James was invited to go with Brian and Andy to the state championship to watch us all, so that was easily arranged."I think it's time to get into the sauna, guys. I've warmed up the swimming pool as well and I have some drinks and pthc preteen samples something ready to eat afterwards.""Hmmm, sounds OK," Alexei said. "But we don't have any swimwear with us.""Well, only guys here," Andy said with a smirk on his face. "So I don't think we need them."When he finished that sentence, several faces turned preteens dog towards him and then we looked at each other."No, I think you're right," Alexei said. "That is, if everyone is OK with the idea.""What do you think, that we're some kind of prudes?" Francis said. "We know what guys look like.""Oh, you do?" Alexei answered."Don't let him tease you, Francis," I said to him as I took him in my arms."Oh, I know he likes to, so I let him." And he stuck out his tongue at Alexei.We walked into the swimming pool area. It was almost 4 p.m. now and the sun was shining into the room. It really looked nice. I searched for a place to get undressed but couldn't find anything."Hmmm, where can we preteen boystop100 undress, Andy?""Just here, Nick. It seems you're as shy as Francis is!" He laughed as he said this."Yes ... well, you're used to being with celebrities, even in a dressing room or a shower, but I'm not.""Well, don't worry! We don't little teeningpreteens bite ... or do we, Alexei?""Oh, I'm not sure! It depends on what my mouth sees."That made us all laugh. "OK, you guys, let's get ready. There are some towels in the cupboard beside the sauna. You can use them to sit on."There were some shelves just before the sauna and we walked in that direction. That would be a good place to put our clothes.Slowly, Andy started to undress and I saw that Brian was quickly following suit. Now, I wasn't sure, but this wasn't what I'd expected how this afternoon would go, so I was a bit nervous. And maybe there was also some sexual tension. I must admit, I knew I'd get a hardon seeing Francis naked, I was sure of that. But, then, the others probably would have the same problem or would understand, so I started to undress as well.We looked a bit at model preteen girls each other as you can imagine and then followed Brian and Andy into the sauna.Well, if you've never been in a sauna, I really can recommend it to you ... and not just because of the naked bodies. Those are just a bonus ... but the fact is that a sauna is really relaxing. The couples stayed close to each other, although there was room enough. I naked preteen blonde naked preteen blonde had put my head on Francis's shoulder, just enjoying the warmth. It didn't take me long to start sweating and I thought, wow, this is nice!We were quiet for the first few minutes. It seemed that everybody just wanted to enjoy the feeling. "Have you ever been in one before, Alexei?" Andy asked."Yeah, I try to go at least once a month; more often is almost impossible lately."I'm not sure what was said further but I know that they kept talking. I was more or less drifting away. The feeling of Francis's naked body close by and his smell made me horny and relaxed at the same time. So you can imagine what happened. Willy started to make his presence known. I tried to rearrange my legs so it would show less."Nice, isn't sassy preteen models it, Nick?" Francis whispered in my ear."Yes, it is just so nice," I answered dreamily.There was some very quiet music playing, some kind of Irish songs, I guess."Don't be embarrassed, Nick. I know what you're feeling," he continued.I opened my eyes and saw that he was smiling at me. When I followed his gaze, I saw that he was stiff as well. I smiled at him and looked around. We were in the middle, Brian and Andy were sitting on my right. They were cuddling but I could hardly see them. But on the left, where Alexei and James were sitting, I could clearly see that they were having a hard time as well. Nice, but definitely hard, I thought.I looked at Francis again and he smiled. Then my eyes were directed to
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